First Stop Lisboa, aka Lisbon :)

As far as I am concerned Emirates is one of the best airlines. Food and service are great. AND I got a four-seat-raw to myself all the way from New York to Milan. What’s there not to like?
In Milan I met up with my Sicilian friend Carolina, one of my two travel companions.
I knew I’d find her at the bar near the security check point. And there she was, like in a deja-vu image of a few months earlier, when we both stood at the same sandwich counter.

Easy Jet is one of my other favorite airlines.
One of the flight attendants carried my backpack and escorted me to my seat. This flight was only two and half hours, still having the whole raw to myself again was GREAT πŸ™‚

In Lisbon, as earlier in NY and then Milan, I was wheeled by airport staff to and from the plane. A nice Portuguese man pushed me through security and out to the arrival area. Florentina was there waiting for us πŸ™‚

Here are some pictures.
Bye for now,

Covering my head with Florentina's

Covering my head with Florentina’s hair


Lisbon – View from our taxi



Breathtaking View of The "Tagus - Rio Tejo"

Breathtaking View of The Tagus – Rio Tejo

Another Spectacular View of the "Tagus"

Another Spectacular View of the Tagus

2 thoughts on “First Stop Lisboa, aka Lisbon :)

  1. I am very surprised you had a good experience with easy jet! They were the absolute worst airline I’ve ever flown with lol! But this was a great post. I love Lisbon ❀

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