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Get Your Wellness On – Italy -Yoga Lesson with Children and Adults

I am happiest when I work with people in healing environments such as The Get Your Wellness On Fairs, and when I contribute to people’s healing.
Healing Work at a "Get Your Wellness On Fair"

Healing Work at a Get Your Wellness On Fair

I am Reiki healer, I do space clearing and aligning.
I love writing, reading, knitting, cooking, traveling, laughing, sleeping, meditating, day-dreaming.

Thank you for taking the time to read what I write.

After the loss to SIDS in 1995 of seven and half month old Alexander, a twin, Esmeralda established a Foundation in her son’s name. The foundation later merged with First Candle/SIDS Alliance, a national organization, and Esmeralda became a member of its National Advisory Council.

Esmeralda Speaking at SIDS Fundraiser

Esmeralda Speaking at “SIDS Fundraiser”

"My family at the Windflower Ball - October 2005"

My family at the Windflower Ball - October 2005

Since starting this blog in October 2009, Esmeralda lost her beloved twenty-year old son, Andrew, aka Tigger, to suicide. A junior in East Asian Studies at NYU, in the pre dawn hours of Nov 3 2009, Andrew jumped from the 10th floor of Bobst, NYU’s library.
Her two surviving children are Florentina, Andrew’s older sister, and Robert, Alexander’s twin and Andrew’s younger brother.
As well as this blog, Esmeralda writes for The Huffington Post and she is working on a memoir.

Esmeralda says:
I intend to work in the area of suicide to bring understanding and light to this painful subject.

“…I thank whatever Gods may be for my unconquerable soul…” William Ernest Henley

If You Are Feeling Suicidal Or If Need To Talk Please Call The National Helpline 1-800-273-8255

22 thoughts on “Esmeralda

  1. Io e la mia famiglia ci uniamo al vostro dolore. condoglianze, non ci sono parole. My name is Elizabeth, a med school student at NYU with roots in Italy and the UK, I grew up in Europe and lost my cousin and best friend Georgio in much a similar way, Andrew’s story has touched me and shaken me to the core. There are no words,but you are in my thoughts and prayers, and I would like to make a page for Andrew with your permission. Grazie! Eli

    • Dear Elizabeth, Thank you for your email. With roots in Italy and the UK, you sound just like my children. I am sorry about your cousin. I am sorry for all the people in pain who know not where to turn and feel as if they are the only ones suffering. Where would you do a page about my gorgeous son Andrew?
      Andrew’s Mummy, Esmeralda

      • Signora Esmeralda,
        Non so cosa dire, mi ha fatto piacere sentirsi. I will do anything within your family’s wish as since Georgio left us, we have continued as a support system for survivors like your family and mine. There is nothing I can say that will give you comfort but I think maybe a place like this site you have where people can pour out and grief and laugh with each other can be a healing process better than any medication discovered by man. I would like through 2 ways to remember your son: through facebook, a resource he used that would allow friends to remember him in their ways, as well as give opportunity to reach others, and secondly through in which a personal fundraiser for the family in his name and honour can be put up. I apologize if either or both have been set up, my family would very much like to make a donation in his name to your favoured cause. I feel so terrible because as a medical student I am awake at odd ours of the night studying. Had I known he needed somebody I would have been there regardless of whether he knew me or not. It is a shame that I was awake at the time and yet asleep to another human being’s need. Mi spiace per parlare di lungho. Spero che sia bene anche se e’ difficile. And so he left this world, where the heart must either break, or turn to lead.

      • Cara Elisabetta, di nuovo grazie per il tuo interesse and support. I like your suggestions. Donations can be made in his name; to the Alexander Williamson-Noble (yes another child of mine!) memorial fund at First Candle/SIDS Alliance. The beautiful picture of Andrew wearing a tuxedo that ended up all over the internet and papers, was taken on Oct. 22 at the ball we started to raise funds for SIDS, and of which with his younger brother and older sister he was Honorary Chair.
        Two years ago at that Ball, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, announced their grant of $11 million dollars.
        Grazie cara.

      • Signora Esmeralda e la famiglia Noble,

        Grazie mille per il messagio. Adesso con la famiglia, vi abbiamo pensato! I would like to thank you for your continued communication during times where your time is so precious. I thought of your family today and in mass my family lite a candle for Andrew as well as your family. I am grateful for the opportunity to make sure he is remembered for his contribution to making the world a better place. This Thanksgiving, I am happy to have known you, I wish under better circumstances. It may have been raining today, inside and out, but one day I believe the sun will come up, and for your family, I pray the day will be soon. May you find comfort in knowing people out there are thinking of you, and that you are not alone. Mai abbandonati!
        Grazie da Eli

  2. Just wanted to let your beautiful family that I’m thinking of you. I have a link pending approval that I will send to you on the trinity website. Look out for our family’s contribution! I hope you are all well. Thinking of you now and always!

  3. carissima Esmeralda…..col cuore gonfio di tristezza sto cercando di scriverti qualche parola per dirti quanto mi senta a te vicino in questo momento di grandissima sofferenza. La tragedia che ti ha colpito é forse quella che fa provare il dolore più grande…il dolore assoluto…totale. E’ con sgomento che a Natale ho appreso quanto accaduto.
    Dal quel poco che ho capito leggendo gli articoli che ho trovato su internet mi sono reso conto che stai reagendo con tutte le tue forze da quella grande donna che sei sempre stata. Forza Esmeralda

    • Matteo, grazie per le tue parole di solidarieta’, di conforto. Da chi, come hai saputo? Dove sei? Cosa fai?
      Faccio quello che devo fare. Non posso lasciare che la morte di mio figlio sia per niente. Hai letto l’articolo che scritto per l’Huffington Post?

  4. I know some of your pain.
    My 36 year old nephew committed suicide on February 7, 2010. He left behind a wife and 5 beautiful children.
    I was 13 years old, and remember the day he was born, and how I held him in my arms the day he came home from the hospital. I changed many of his diapers as his Aunt Babysitter, watched as he grew into a funny young kid and a fine young man.
    The pain I feel, and the pain I hear in my sibling’s voices is almost too much to bear.
    I cannot believe the incredible anger I am feeling right now – anger towards this young man who had so many loving arms ready, willing, and able to help him.
    Oh, to think of him feeling such hopelessness and despair, to think he might have felt that the world would be better off without him! No, no!!
    I found your piece on The Huffington Post, and I will use your resources – along with the ones available in my community. Alaska has an epidemic of suicides. However, I was foolish enough to think “that would never happen in my family”.

    • Oh… what a nightmare and imagine how his poor wife and children must feel. I hope that you live in a community that will support the family with nourishment for both the body and for the soul. A community of friends, family and strangers praying for all of you has great power. Don’t be shy to ask people to pray.
      Love and Peace

  5. Buona Sera a famiglia Noble…Volevo dire che vi penso tanto tanto. Mai abbandonati e’ mi ha fatto molto goia videre tutto quello che fai Signora Esmeralda. Grazie. A Dio sempre. Andrea sei bello…mai dimenticato.

  6. Ms. Noble,

    In your busy time, I thought to say on this palm sunday we think of your family. Also, to recommend the documentary The Bridge to you. made by Eric Steel, it talks to family members and friends (suicide survivors) of their experience, before, during, and after the fact. If you search youtube, the whole documentary is easily attainable there. I thought it might give you some sort of reference point based on other experience. God Bless you, God Bless Andrew.

    • Dear Eiizabeth, thank you for thinking of us. I will search YouTube for the documentary that you mention. God Bless you and your family.

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  8. Madre Esmeralda…

    Era da tanto, mi spiace per non aver fammi sentire. Ti ho pensato tu e’ la tua famiglia molto. I have been studying hard in school and praying for you. I hope all is well. The collection round for Andrew is finished in December. Whatever the funds collected if you wish will be sent to you or any organization you desire on his or your family’s behalf. I will be in touch. I hope you have been doing as well as can be hoped for, knowing a year is almost upon us. God Bless

    • Elisabetta, ti pensavo proprio ieri, come stai?
      I am very happy to hear from you. Did you know that we had the First Get Your Wellness On – Suicide Awareness & Prevention Fair last week in Washington Square Park?
      Over 1000 people came. You can find out more from the blog and also from a piece I posted today on the Huffington Post.
      I am so glad to hear that you have been collecting funds, because I am looking to raise $16,000 to sponsor 2 athlete to go the 2012 London Olympics and help raise the profile of Get Your Wellness On and suicide awareness. So, every little bit counts. How have you been collecting money? Who has contributed?
      Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you again. Hugs, Esmeralda

  9. Mamma Esmeralda,

    Mi spiace molto per non rispondere a presto. I have been bogged down with illness and my grandmother succumbed to cancer. I mean’t to e-mail you on Andrew’s anniversary. I am now studying for my step one boards. I have decided to dedicate 5 years when I am a dowctor to Native American needs whose suicide rate is 3 times higher than the nation. Mamma Esmeralda I have set up an account on Paypal and you had told me to set up everything in honour of your son’s foundation who died of SIDS! I will send the details where I can send something more private? Mai abbandonati!

    • Hi Elisabetta – How are you? Nice to hear from you again.
      My email address is on the blog, anyway here it is again
      What is the paypal account for? I am a bit confused. Anyway, we are raising money for the next Get Your Wellness On Fair, so if you want to make a donation, I would prefer it towards that.
      Take care, good luck with your studies. Esmeralda

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